AirVenture 2016 Recommendations

Bob Pilot1by bob pastusek

EAA will provide parking for Lancair aircraft on the paved parking pad at the end of taxiway P1 if requested. With reference to the airfield diagram, taxiway P1 starts at the very end of runway 36 and runs west to the parking pad. The parking directors will give priority to EVOs and Lancair IVs that don't do well on the grass, but other Lancairs are also welcome.


Please use a sign, visible from 50', to visually communicate your intentions to the parking directors. Click the example at the bottom of this post for a printable sign.

If you have difficulty communicating this request to the taxi/parking directors, please pull off the main taxiway, shut down, and coordinate verbally with one of the parking directors. Each team has a portable radio to coordinate your movement onward to the parking pad; it’s a LOT easier to coordinate ground movements without the engine running!

You can check on P-1 parking availability prior to your arrival by calling Kreth Sink, HB Parking Coordinator, at 414-545-7189, or Dennis Gaulden, Parking Chairman, at 414-659-8957, if desired.  Just appreciate that like all parking at AirVenture, the pad is available to us on a first-come-first-served basis.

A couple of other notes related to flying Lancairs to AirVenture...

I recommend that anyone not comfortable with extended low-level flight below 120 KIAS consider using the “Warbird Arrival,” or an IFR arrival slot. The Warbird Arrival is not restricted to warbirds, BUT IS TO BE USED ONLY by faster/higher-performance aircraft. I have used this arrival for all but two IFR arrivals in my IV-P, and it works well.

No matter how you arrive, BE SURE to download and read the NOTAM! An observer in the airplane to watch for pilots who did not read/do not follow the NOTAM procedures is always a great help.

Many areas of grass used for taxiing are rather rough. Prop strikes are always a possibility, and it takes a lot of power to taxi. I’ve found it better to clear the paved taxiway, shut down and move the airplane by hand to a grassy parking spot.

CAUTION: To prevent nose gear collapse when moving over rough ground, never push/tow your RG Lancair without the hydraulic system fully pumped up!

Looking forward to seeing you at Oshkosh again this year!

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