2019 LOBO Landing Creve Coeur Airport

What You Need To Know About 1H0

by jeff edwards

NOTE: The information in this post is a supplement to, and is not meant to replace official FAA flight planning materials.


The 2019 LOBO Landing host airport is 1H0—Dauster Field, in Creve Coeur (pronounced KREEV COOR), Missouri, a non-towered, privately owned, public-use facility situated just under and west of the St. Louis Class B. CTAF/UNICOM is on 122.8 mhz. Although 1H0 does not have weather reporting on the field you can pick up ATIS for Spirit of St. Louis (KSUS—8 nm SW) on 134.8 mhz. St. Louis TRACON on 126.5 mhz is very helpful. If you arrive IFR from the east, ATC will often vector you over Lambert Saint Louis International airport at 4000’ MSL. After crossing KSTL they will turn you southwest for a few miles before issuing a descent and directive to report Creve Coeur in sight. The Missouri River and a large bridge over the river on the approach end of runway 16 provide excellent landmarks for visual orientation. In addition, there is a lake a couple of miles east of the airport. Expect clearance for a visual approach. Arrivals from the west must contend with the Class D airspace around KSUS. Call Spirit tower on 124.75 mhz) for clearance through their airspace. 

Looking Southeast

Looking East


There are two runways at Creve Coeur. Runway 07/25 is turf, and just under 3100 feet. It's currently closed due to extensive flooding this summer. Runway 16/34 is 4500 feet long, paved, and in good condition. The south end of the runway is elevated to clear a road, and a levee off the north end will snag low fliers. New LED runway and PAPI lights are being installed now. Traffic patterns for the paved runway 16/34 are both to the WEST of the runway. That means right traffic for 16 and left traffic for 34. Field elevation is 462 feet MSL and traffic pattern altitude (TPA) is 1122 feet MSL, which is 662 feet AGL. The lower-than-standard TPA and right traffic pattern for runway 16 are to accomodate Class B airspace above and to the east of the field. You can ask STL approach , but it is unlikely they will issue you a clearance to enter the Class B while in the pattern at Creve Coeur, so observing the published TPA and pattern direction is a must.

Fuel & Parking

Fuel is only available at the fuel pumps on the main ramp; there is no truck refueling. We recommend you refuel on arrival. Taxi up to the pump and unload your bags there. After refueling, come over to my hangar (large white hangar with a blue awning just south of the pump) and check in for the Landing. We will be there until 6 pm. Parking is first come, first served. Tiedowns are on the ramp, but bring ropes. Also bring tiedowns in case you end up being parked in the grass. Enterprise Rent a Car (local company founded here by WW2 Naval Aviator, Jack Taylor) is available at the airport. Call them and make a reservation and they will bring cars out to the airport for you. Uber is also available. 

Several folks have called regarding hangar space. Creve Coeur airport is a private affair and all hangars are privately owned. There are no large FBOs with hangar space at Creve Couer—but you may get a shadeport spot if you call the airport manager. If you must have hangar space Spirit of St Louis (KSUS) just 7 miles west has many FBOs with hangar space (Millionair, TAC Air, etc.).

Remember: this information is advisory only. Consult the official information found in the chart supplement formerly known as the airport facility directory, and if you have any questions give me a call 314-308-6719. Looking forward to seeing you in Saint Louis!