2018 LOBO Landing Presentation Preview

What Do You Want To Talk About?

by bob pastusek

After a most enjoyable week at AirVenture, it's time to get serious about planning for the LOBO Landing in October. We expect great representation from expert Lancair service providers, and have asked them to address recurring issues we've identified as part of their presentations/discussions. This article outlines some fleet-wide issues with the hope you'll call or write about other subjects you'd like to have addressed at the Landing. As in past years, pilots who attend a majority of Landing forums/presentations will be given credit for the ground portion of "LOBO Recurrency Training." Likewise, you can receive FAA "Wings" credit for all forums you attend, but you'll need to sign up at the start of each forum for this.

To begin, three major engine manufacturers are sending representatives to San Marcos, so this will be a great time to talk one-on-one about specific issues/problems you may be having, or just come and learn something more about your powerplant. One of the topics we've asked engine manufacturers to discuss is engine over-speed, specifically what can happen if you have one; and how to avoid them. We also plan to discuss ignition systems. Did you know that some magneto failure modes can lead to rapid engine failure if not handled properly? The experts can help you learn the pitfalls and how to avoid them. We’ll also discuss electronic and hybrid ignition systems, including pros and cons, calibration/use of cockpit engine instrumentation; and setup, limits and monitoring of recorded engine performance data.

We also will have several sponsors/vendors who can help with airframe issues. For example, LOBO and Lancair plan a joint presentation on nose gear inspection, servicing and routine maintenance, including a "simulator" built from worn parts that graphically demonstrates the hazards of ignoring this critical aircraft component. We'll review Lancair Service Bulletin SB077-0518, and discuss troubleshooting and common misconceptions about how the landing gear system works in different models.

Planned presentations include a review of fuel system configuration, set-up, capacity, fuel flow calibration, and routine monitoring. As LOBO has encouraged for years, we'll ask that each new Lancair owner conduct your own assessment and calibration of the fuel system in your aircraft.  It's my opinion that there may be more differences in fuel systems within our fleet than instrument panel configurations. The only way you can be sure of what you have is to check these things yourself--and document them. We'll provide the information; you'll need to do the leg work.

We'll spend some time on recurring/common airframe issues. If you don't have some type of warning/indicator system for an unlocked canopy or door, why not install one? It's about the least expensive and potentially most significant improvement you could make to your aircraft. We'll provide the information on several options--for all model Lancairs. We'll also show you how to get into or out of a IV/ES with a broken/malfunctioning latching mechanism (hint: you'll need a special tool, and to plan ahead for this). If you have adjustable seats, do you have dual rail locks, or a safety limit on seat extension? The ES/IV-series kits were shipped with locks on both seat rails, but many original builders didn't see the benefit of installing both and eliminated one during construction. We'll provide a "first person documentary" by one of our owners who survived a seat latch failure-just barely. Do you know if your Lancair has single or dual seat rail locks?

That's not the complete list of planned topics, but indicates a few of issues we've seen within our fleet over the past years. We'll also talk about pre-buy and condition inspections, and documentation of maintenance/repair/upgrade work. I hope you'll take a minute to send me a note about any other topics you'd like to see addressed, or additional details/information on any of the above. 

For question/comments about this post contact Bob via email at r.pastusek [at] lancairowners.com.