2016 LOBO/Lancair Landing Update

September 2, 2016

LandingLogo2016_noBakPlease take a moment to read through this post; it contains some important notes about the upcoming Landing.

LOBO volunteers will meet and check you in upon your arrival at Sonny Callahan (KCQF) on Wednesday, Sep 28. If you are driving in on the 28th come on out to the airport and help us say hello to the arriving Lancairs. For those arriving Thursday, Sep 29, check in will be at the Fairhope Public Library.  For Friday or Saturday arrivals check in will be at the Fairhope Civic Center.  No matter when you arrive, you'll need to pick up your name lanyard/admission ticket (your credentials) from Claudette Colwell or Lisa Williams upon arrival. Along with your creds you'll receive an updated agenda. We'll make every effort to accommodate last-minute changes, but you must let us know...and there is one exception about changes--below--regarding the factory tour.

We expect about half of our members to arrive on Wednesday, with the remainder arriving during the Landing. If you're driving in, just join the appropriate group after checking in with Claudette or Lisa. If you are flying in and rented a car you can pick it up at the Continental FBO at Sonny Callahan. If you are not renting a car you can expect a ride to the hotel/to join the group. Then you are on your own to join the group transportation. Repeat the process for departures.

Please note that we'll start the Maintenance Clinic on Thursday, 29 Sep with briefings at the Fairhope Library at 0830, and transition to the airfield after lunch. This is a change from our original plan; the Library provides a better presentation environment. Come any time after 0800 for coffee and donuts. We'd appreciate anyone having a car available to help us in transporting our group to the airport for the "hands-on" show and tell after lunch, then back to the hotel when we finish at the airport.

On Friday, Sep 30 the primary activities are at the Fairhope Civic Center and the Continental Motors factory, with tours leaving from the Hampton Inn in the morning and the Civic Center in the afternoon.

Continental runs a name/address/citizenship check on all people granted access to the factory. If you are planning to participate in one of the Continental Motors factory tours on Friday, you MUST be pre-registered--no exceptions. We'll provide your registration information to Continental not later than 22 September. There can be no additions to the factory tour groups after that date.

For the factory tour, all attendees must wear ankle-length slacks (no crops) and closed-toe shoes (no sandals). You'll be walking around machinery and open parts and need to have your legs and feet protected. No pictures are allowed in the factory. They won't take your cell phone--unless you forget this important point.

On Friday evening, Continental is hosting a cocktail party with heavy hors d’oeuvres at the Sonny Callahan airport.  Before the  party we're planning a "ramp walk" to look over the planes, starting at 5:00 PM.  We are expecting 40+ planes, including every model.  This will certainly be a highlight of the day!

On Saturday, Oct 1 primary activities are at the Civic Center with forums and exhibitors, followed by the evening Banquet at the Fairhope Nix Center featuring a presentation by President and CEO of the U.S. Naval Aviation Museum, Lieutenant General (Ret) Duane “Drano” Thiessen. This year's LOBO Landing will conclude with a tour of the Naval Aviation Museum at Pensacola on Sunday (2 Oct).

The Landing Agenda you receive at check in will contain details regarding times and locations for all of the above events, as well as the Ladies Events, so be sure to keep it handy. Additionally, wear your lanyard at all times, as it is your admission ticket. 

If you are flying into Sonny Callahan (KCQF):

You must bring your own tie down ropes and stakes. Bring your gust locks as well. There will be no hangar storage available for the duration of our event. When you arrive, taxi to the old parallel taxiway at the center of the airfield. You'll be met by the Continental FBO parking reps and a LOBO member.  Plan to shut down on the edge of the ramp, push back into the grass and tie down as directed.

PLEASE NOTE: Sonny Callahan is an non-towered field with a LOT of traffic, from military trainers to helicopters to fast and beautiful Lancairs! Discounted fuel will be available at approximately $3.90 (avgas) and $4.95 (jet fuel). We encourage you to refuel with our Continental host FBO if you can.

We'll see you at the Landing!