2014 LOBO Ground School

LOBOGroundSchool Need a refresher on the latest Lancair safety topics? Getting ready for that first flight and looking for pointers? Are you a frequent Lancair co-pilot who wants to know what all those buttons, knobs and dials mean? Sounds like you need to come to the 2014 LOBO Ground School! If you're planning to attend Lancair’s 30th Anniversary Homecoming in Redmond, OR, come one day early on Thursday, August 28th for a full day of Lancair-specific training, credited under FAA's WINGS Pilot Proficiency Program and coordinated by LOBO President Jeff Edwards. Three-Track Training Like last year, this year’s LOBO Ground School features a three-track curriculum, and it’s not just for pilots. Jeff Edwards will facilitate track one, which is for Lancair pilots looking for a refresher on safety topics like the extreme danger of stalling and/or spinning high-performance, experimental aircraft, single pilot IFR, hypoxia; mental preparation for an inflight emergency and the benefits of acquiring tailored flight training. Those opting for track two will spend the day with Bob Pastusek, who will talk about how to prepare for that critical first flight with a thorough aircraft inspection, acquiring appropriate training and designing a flight test program. Track three is Sue Harrelson’s half-day Partner in Command course for the non-pilot cockpit companion who wants to know more about Lancair aircraft and how to be an effective assistant in the cockpit. Sue will cover the basics on charts, weather, emergencies and more.


Cost for the full-day Ground School is $245, with a $50 discount for LOBO members. Bring your significant other for only $80 more (members and non-members). The Partner in Command course is $50 (members and non-members), and attendees are encouraged to join the Ground School group in the afternoon. Best of all, your paid registration for the Ground School or the Partner in Command course includes lunch!

World Class Talent

2014 LOBO Ground School will see a reprise of the outstanding trio of instructors from last year: Jeff Edwards, Bob Pastusek and Sue Harrelson. Jeff Edwards, a Master Instructor Emeritus, designed this year’s training based on decades of aviation experience. He’s a retired Navy A-6 bombardier/ navigator; CFI/ CFII and former FAA designated Pilot Examiner who served as an aircraft accident investigator for the U.S. Navy, McDonnell Douglas and Boeing. His unique viewpoint on aviation safety is tempered by his participation in 500+ aircraft accident investigations and reconstructions. In addition to those impressive credentials, Jeff and his wife Shelby have built two Lancairs. Bob Pastusek is a retired Air Force Weapon System Officer with 3,000+ hours in the F-4 and F-111. He is a commercial, instrument-rated pilot with approximately 2,000 GA flight hours, nearly half of which he accumulated in the Lancair IV-P he completed in 2008. Bob owns a small company that supports operational testing of Navy and US Marine Corps aircraft. He uses his Lancair to commute among multiple flight test locations. Sue Harrelson is a CFI and a retired airline captain with approximately 11,000 flight hours. She and her husband Bill constructed two aircraft, a Lancair 320 and IV. She is currently building her own Rans S6S Coyote. Sue set up and ran the command and monitoring center for Bill’s recent flight distance record and round-the-world speed record attempt. REGISTRATION IS CLOSED.