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Have you ever wished there was one place you could go as a starting place to get an answer to any question about Lancair aircraft? Well you can stop wishing; you’ve found it! This page contains a list of resources to help you find answers to all the questions you ever had about operating and maintaining your Lancair aircraft.

In the sections below you’ll find a ready reference for vendors, service providers and volunteers that can get you answers, parts, maintenance and flight training resources for you and your newly-purchased Lancair aircraft. (Check back often as this page is updated as new resources become available.)


Airworthiness Certificate and Operating Limitations

The FAA classifies Lancair aircraft as Experimental-Amateur Built (E-AB). Each has unique operating limitations–issued with the original airworthiness certificate–specifying how the aircraft may be used. If you purchase an E-AB aircraft be sure you obtain both the airworthiness certificate AND the operating limitations as part of the title transfer. The aircraft is not considered airworthy without the operating limitations, and the document is devilishly hard to replace.


Operating/Maintenance Manuals

Since Lancairs are individually hand-built aircraft  no one is exactly like another. That means there is no “factory-approved” operating manual for your aircraft. Many builders make their own operating manuals for their aircraft, and most make operating checklists as well. If you are purchasing a Lancair you should request the operating manual/checklists as part of the title transfer. You should also request the original Lancair-provided building manuals. These are an excellent maintenance resource, as many builders use them to annotate options and excursions from the factory building plan.


LancairFactory Service/Parts

Lancair International, Inc. ( is the best source of parts for your aircraft. The company currently sells the Legacy and Evolution kits. While their expertise in composite construction is second to none, their in-house knowledge of the mechanical construction and functioning of the earlier models is hampered by attrition of expertise as models have gone out of production. This is exacerbated by the fact that the earlier model Lancairs were generally built with a lot more “individualism” than the newer kits. Be that as it may, Lancair is still your best starting point for assistance with structural service issues and airframe parts. If Lancair doesn’t have what you need, someone there can almost certainly give you a vector.

You can contact Lancair at:

Lancair International, Inc.
250 SE Timber Ave.
Redmond, OR 97756
POC: Lisa Williams
541-923-2244 x149


Lancair has instituted a $300 registration fee for owners who are not the original purchaser/builder of a Lancair kit. The fee entitles each new owner to the same lifetime, unlimited technical support from Lancair’s staff of experts made available to the original purchaser. It also establishes a parts account with a credit amount equal to the $300 registration fee. Contact Lancair International for more information.


Service Bulletins

Service bulletins are available from Lancair International for all Lancair models. The easiest way to get them is online at As service bulletins are not mandatory performance items for E-AB aircraft, they are not maintained or referenced through any FAA publication. This is the authoritative (and only) source.



As E-AB aircraft, Lancairs require an annual “condition inspection.” This equates to the “annual inspection” for certificated GA aircraft not in commercial use (be sure to check your operating limitations for any specific inspection requirements). Builders can obtain a Repairman’s Certificate and conduct the required annual inspection themselves, typically using a condition inspection checklist developed during the build process tailored to their specific aircraft. If you do not possess a Repairman’s Certificate for your aircraft you must seek the services of an FAA-certified Airframe and Powerplant (A&P) mechanic to conduct the annual condition inspection. To ensure a thorough inspection you should obtain a copy of the annual condition inspection checklist from the previous owner. If you are unable to obtain the original checklist LOBO can provide a generic inspection checklist for most models, with the understanding that it will be incomplete and not specific to the airframe/equipment set of any particular aircraft.


Maintenance and Service

As the owner, you are authorized to repair and maintain all parts of your E-AB aircraft. As with many things, authorization does not imply qualification; you are cautioned to approach this responsibility with prudence, diligence and the utmost regard for safety. For example, most Lancairs are equipped with sophisticated powerplants requiring specialized skills, tools and maintenance/servicing techniques to safely maintain them. Until you are fully familiarized with maintaining your Lancair you would be well advised to seek the assistance and/or oversight of an aviation maintenance professional if your engine requires service, even if you are the original builder.


Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA)

The EAA ( is an international organization of homebuilders, antique aircraft restorers and aviators from every walk of life. With more than 168,000 members (from the 2010 annual report) and more than 1000 local Chapters worldwide, the EAA is a very valuable source of information and expertise about your E-AB aircraft. EAA has developed and made available to all EAA members top-notch mentor, Tech Advisor and Flight Advisor programs. And (as any propeller head knows) EAA hosts the AirVenture fly-in and airshow at Oshkosh, WI near the end of July every year.


Other Resources on the World-Wide Web

Lancair International ( is your best source for unique Lancair parts, but there are other good sources, especially for common aviation hardware. The following companies carry large selections of components, hardware, airframe parts, avionics, building/repair supplies and pilot supplies:

Another common homebuilder trick is to search the web for the company that appears on the product label of your broken part. You’ll need to use all of these sources, and more, to keep your Lancair flying over the years.


Flight Training for Lancair Aircraft

Lancair aircraft are very easy to fly, but have unique flight characteristics that are significantly different from other General Aviation aircraft. They tend to be more pitch-sensitive, and have much lighter stick forces than other GA aircraft. This results in an almost universal tendency to over control the aircraft, especially in pitch. Pilot-induced pitch oscillations during takeoff and landing is a very common error for new Lancair pilots. Lancairs have a higher wing loading than other GA aircraft, which means they require more altitude to recover from a stall; typically 2,000′ or more. These are but a few of the many reasons you are strongly encouraged to seek model/type-specific initial training before soloing in your new Lancair. There are several ways to do this; two good ones are discussed below.


LOBO has developed FITS-approved (FAA/Industry Training Standards) initial and recurrent flight training syllabi for all models of Lancair aircraft. We also maintain a list of independent flight instructors qualified/approved to use our syllabi (click here to view the list).

Elite Pilot Services

EPSEPS offers flight instruction for high performance and technically advanced aircraft including turbine-equipped. Many Lancair aircraft are pressurized, and EPS can teach you what you need to know to safely operate in the flight levels with instruction in  topics such as pressurization,  physiology, weather, icing and ice related systems.

EPS also provides expert training for emergency procedures and VFR/IFR instruction for operating all of today’s most popular advanced cockpit avionics systems.

For more information contact EPS at:

Elite Pilot Services, LLC
Bend / Redmond, Oregon
Phone: (541) 314-4EPS (4377)

High Performance Aircraft Training (HPAT)

hpatPeter Zaccagnino owns the High Performance Aircraft Group ( and conducts individual flight training in your Lancair by appointment. He and his team also conduct group training sessions around the country as required.

For more information or to schedule training contact Glenda McKinney at:


You can contact Pete directly at:




NationAir is LOBO’s preferred insurance broker and a valued supporter. The increasing difficulty of finding adequate, affordable insurance for Lancair aircraft was one of the driving forces behind LOBO’s inception. NationAir took the lead in helping LOBO establish an organizational reputation with underwriters, which was instrumental in keeping the fleet insurable. Account Executive Jenny Estes can work with a variety of underwriters to help you find a policy that is right for your individual needs.

Ms. Estes can be reached at:

877-648-8267 (Phone)
636-532-3646 (Fax)

Click here for more information about NationAir.


Lancair Mail List (LML)

The Lancair Mail List is one of the Lancair communities most enduring landmarks. It has served as a meeting place and information sharing resource for Lancair builders and owners for many years. Owned, operated and moderated by Marv Kaye, the LML periodically (usually daily) delivers an email to all registered users an email containing an aggregated  list of all posts made to the list since the previous distribution. The subscription is free, but Marv would be pleased to accept a $50/year donation for access to his system. It’s a very good investment.

To subscribe, send Marv an email at You may also use this email to make donation via PayPal.



Last, but not least, is the Lancair Owners & Builders Organization. LOBO is an invaluable resource and advocate for Lancair builders, owners and pilots. We have the expertise and contacts to help you learn to build, fly and maintain your Lancair aircraft more safely and professionally. LOBO conducts periodic maintenance clinics around the country, in response to member requests, and other social activities, including an annual fly-in which we organize and coordinate with our co-sponsor Lancair International Inc. LOBO’s newsletter (LOBO News), and our website are chock full of useful maintenance, safety, training and other information specific to your aircraft. If you can’t find an answer to your question or help for your problem using one of the above resources, click here for LOBO contact information.