Lancair Owners and Builders Organization

Important Member Registration Information


We are having difficulties with our registration system. Specifically, it has stopped sending out confirmation emails. If you submit a registration form and do not receive a confirmation email within a day please contact us via email: using the email address you registered with. We’ll get you a confirmation email ASAP!

OnlineRegistrationThank you for your interest in joining LOBO or renewing your membership! Please take a moment to read the following before continuing to the membership form.

LOBO membership costs $40 annually. Your registration cannot be processed until you submit a payment. Follow the on-screen instructions after you submit a completed membership form and proceed to PayPal’s website. Make your payment there using your existing PayPal account or with a credit card.

NOTE: Please use the provided PayPal button to make your payment. The PayPal button you will see after submitting your registration form is linked to the automated registration system and will automatically update your user account when you make a payment. If you pay directly at PayPal without using the provided PayPal button an administrator will have to activate your account manually. This defeats the purpose of an automated system, increases the work load for our volunteers and will delay your access to members-only content as you wait for an administrator to activate your account.

Sharing Optional Data

The optional data we request about your aircraft, flying experience and training history will become part of LOBO’s fleet and member database. We use this invaluable safety and operational data to make decisions about member services, and when working with regulatory agencies and/or Lancair product/service providers. While you may choose not to share this information, please keep in mind this data was key to past successful negotiations with federal regulators, and in convincing reluctant underwriters to provide insurance coverage for LOBO members.

We are also asking you to share your spouse’s (if so equipped) name and email address. LOBO recognizes that walking around an airport gawking at parked aircraft, as beautiful as they may be, simply doesn’t hold that much appeal for the ladies who do not have a pilot certificate. That’s why our event planners often include side trips especially tailored for the ladies. If you would like LOBO to contact your spouse directly with information about LOBO events please consider sharing her email address.

NOTE: As requested by our members, we have added a Google Map Member Locator service to our website showing the location and basic contact info for participating LOBO members. You can use it to see if there are any LOBO members in areas you plan to visit. Participation is optional (and you can change your mind later), but you must tell us during registration if you would like for your name and contact info to appear on it.


If you have questions about, concerns with or difficulty completing the registration form please contact lobo via email at