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Deferred Maintenance

Deferred Maintenance by bob pastusek Notwithstanding the Lancair Corporation’s recent success in selling new Makos, the Lancair fleet is getting older, and our individual aircraft need a bit more attention than when they were new. This sounds pretty “common sense,” but is easy to ignore–until that uh oh moment. There (more…)


Lycoming Mandatory SB 632

Lycoming Mandatory SB 632 FAA is expected to mandate compliance with AD by mike busch UPDATE: On 10 Aug 2017 the FAA issued AD 2017-16-11, which mandates compliance with Lycoming Mandatory SB 632B, effective 15 Aug 2017. Although the FAA has issued this AD as a final rule you may (more…)


MX Update

2017 Spring Maintenance Update by bob pastusek Congratulations to two LOBO members who recently completed Phase 1 flight testing of their new aircraft. With special FAA letters of exception, both Steve Eckrich (EVO N45EK) and Tom Sullivan (IV-PT N994PT) conducted successful flight testing of their turbine-powered aircraft under the provisions (more…)


LORD Mount Installation

LORD Engine Mount Retrofit by adam molny LOBO has done considerable research into the issue of engine vibration. Bob Pastusek reported the results of his work in this 2015 article, and this article summarizes Steve Colwell’s experience resolving unacceptable engine vibration with his Legacy. The general conclusion from LOBO’s research (more…)


New AD For Continental Engines

FAA Issues New AD For TSIO-550 Series The FAA on Oct 14, 2016 issued its final rule on Docket No. FAA-2016-0069 which establishes AD 2016-21-04. The new AD applies to certain Continental Motors, Inc. TSIO-550-K, TSIOF-550-K, TSIO-550-C, TSIOF-550-D, and TSIO-550-N reciprocating engines. Prompted by a report of an uncommanded in-flight engine shutdown resulting in (more…)


2016 LOBO/Lancair Landing MX Briefs

2016 LOBO/Lancair Landing Maintenance Briefings Below are links to some of the presentations made during the 2016 Landing ground school. Check back as we will add more when we get them. Chris Zavatson – Hydraulics (all), 320/360 Adam Molny – Legacy Jeff Edwards – Continued Airworthiness Bob Pastusek – IV (more…)


Continental Fuel System Adjustment Guide

Continental Fuel System Adjustment Guide by mark sletten LOBO’s Continental engine adjustment kits include all the tools you need to properly adjust your engine’s timing, balance and fuel injection system. But do you know how to use it? Continental Motors posts the publications you need to maintain your engine on its (more…)


Lancair Maintenance Update -Jul 2016

Lancair Maintenance Update – Jul 2016 by bob pastusek I’d like to give you a heads up about a recent non-fatal Lancair accident that may have lessons for us all. This is about a main landing gear failure at Addison, Texas, resulting in a runway excursion and major damage to the turbine-powered (more…)


PT6 Fuel Pump Replacement

PT6 Pump Problems by jeff edwards Recently, I noticed a small puddle of fuel under the engine cowling that appeared to be coming from a drain line. I removed the cowling and traced the drain line to the engine driven mechanical fuel pump installed on the accessory pad of the (more…)


Propeller Care Tips

Props to your Prop by jeff edwards This past month I flew over to Piqua, Ohio to drop off my Lancair at Hartzell’s service center for a scheduled propeller overhaul. Hartzell recommends an overhaul every six calendar years. Unfortunately, we have seen more than one propeller depart a Lancair in (more…)


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