Lancair Owners and Builders Organization

2015 LOBO/Lancair Landing Ground School


Thursday, September 24, 2015
0745-0830 Registration
(Just outside Centennial Ballroom E)

Morning Session

0830 Welcome

0845 Lancair Safety Review: Don’t Be a Statistic, Jeff Edwards, CFI

Lancairs are among the fastest single engine piston aircraft in the world but they are also the most deadly in the wrong hands. Learn why this statistic is true and what you can do to reduce your risk of flying your Lancair. What mitigation strategies net the most bang for the buck. Learn how you can reduce your risk of an accident from your first flight to your last. Review a sampling of Lancair accident case studies and find out what went wrong.

1000 Break

1015 High Altitude Flying

Flying in the flight levels has its benefits but it also has some drawbacks. Learn about the risks and rewards of Flight Level Flying.

1100 Survive!

You survived a successful off airport landing or ditching but are now many miles away from help. Now What? Join in a discussion with some of our former Armed Services members who have been through some of the toughest survival schools on the planet. Learn what survival equipment to pack, how to use it and how to survive in the desert, the mountains and at sea.

1200 Luncheon

Afternoon Session

1300 Efficacy of Type Clubs

Are type clubs like LOBO worthwhile? Does belonging to a volunteer organization such as LOBO give you a Return On Investment? Join in a discussion with fellow Lancair builders/ pilots and owners about all things Lancair.

1345 Going the Distance

Planning and executing international flights to interesting destinations. Learn about crossing the border in your Lancair. Learn about filing an eAPIS form with Customs and Border Patrol, getting a Customs sticker and all of the other paperwork necessary to cruise the Caribbean, Canada and beyond.

1430 Flight Line Discussion with the Pros

Join Lancair build shop and maintenance experts for a discussion on maintaining your favorite flying machine. Representatives from Lancair, Cascade Aircraft, RDD, etc. will be on hand to answer your questions.

Speaker Bios:

Jeff Edwards

A Master Instructor Emeritus, Jeff designed this year’s flight-track ground training based on decades of aviation experience. He’s a retired Navy A-6 bombardier/ navigator; CFI/ CFII and former FAA designated Pilot Examiner who served as an aircraft accident investigator for the U.S. Navy, McDonnell Douglas and Boeing. His unique viewpoint on aviation safety is tempered by his participation in 500+ aircraft accident investigations and reconstructions. In addition to those impressive credentials, Jeff and his wife Shelby have built two Lancairs.

Bob Pastusek

Bob is a retired Air Force Weapon System Officer with 3,000+ hours in the F-4 and F-111. He is a commercial, instrument-rated pilot with approximately 2,000 GA flight hours, nearly half of which he accumulated in the Lancair IV-P he completed in 2008. Bob owns a small company that supports operational testing of Navy and US Marine Corps aircraft, and used his in-depth knowledge of flight test preparation to create this year’s builder-track ground training. He uses his Lancair to commute among multiple flight test locations.

Sandy Gainza

Sandy learned to fly in 2002 while her husband Craig was building a Lancair IVP. Later that year, she and Craig earned their instrument ratings on the same day. Since then, Sandy has added a tailwheel endorsement and commercial, advanced ground instructor, and seaplane ratings, all while racking up 1000+ hours in the IVP. In 2013 she flew the second plane Craig built–an American Legend Texas Sport cub–solo from California to Oshkosh. She has always been keen to convince anyone who will listen to her that building and flying an aircraft can be a pleasure shared by the entire family, and is pleased to find a new audience teaching LOBO’s flying companion seminar.